What Size Dumpster Do I Need for Easter?

March 9, 2018

As the winter weather gradually lets up in Northern Virginia, locals remember that spring not only exists but that it’s coming soon. Without a doubt, one of the high points of the spring season for kids is the Easter egg hunt and all the chocolate that goes with it. Adults enjoy the holiday too, since it usually means at least one day off from work and enough sunshine to have a barbecue outdoors. Planning for a public event like this, however, does beg one question: what size dumpster do I need to handle the trash from a multifamily Easter party?

Dumpster Size Range

If you’re a typical suburban homeowner in Virginia, you may never have rented a dumpster before. It can come as a surprise, then, that there’s a range of sizes to choose from in the line, from smallish 10-yard containers that could take a busy Christmas’ worth of wrapping and tree to much larger 40-yard dumpsters that can haul the contents of a torn-down house. There are a couple of sizes between these two, and each has its place, but sometimes a roll-on/roll-off dumpster of any size is a bit much for your event. That’s when you may need to go smaller.

What Size Dumpster Do I Need for Easter?

Easter celebrations are usually limited to one or a small number of families, are often held outdoors and frequently generate a substantial amount of trash. Even a modest Easter-to-remember can produce several trash bags’ worth of wrappers, hollow plastic eggs and random green confetti-stuff from every wicker basket the kids have managed to step on. A substantial-sized celebration can overwhelm your regular curbside container and make your weekly collection difficult.

Fortunately, ESI Waste offers temporary event boxes that plug the gap in capacity between your home trash receptacle and the 10-yard dumpsters that are really more appropriate for spring cleaning and appliance disposal. These event boxes ship out in a collapsed state and can be erected on site and as needed. They’re designed to accommodate a normal 30-gallon trash liner bag, so they can be emptied and reused, and they’re made from lightweight plastic anyone can lift and position anywhere you’re having your hunt.

Scheduling an Event Box Rental in Virginia

If you live in the Northern Virginia area and are planning something a little more grand than a single-family Easter this year, reach out to ESI Waste a few weeks before the party to see whether renting a few event boxes is for you. There’s never a charge or an obligation when consulting with our expert staff, and we can set you up with a dumpster rental in VA when you need it.