Waste Removal

Working closely with you to determine the size, type and quantity of containers you require for your project, ESI’s consultants will customize a service schedule that meets your needs.






2, 4, 6 and 8 yard containers, and servicing of these containers, are available from ESI. This service is provided by a one man truck that lifts the container over the front of the truck. These trucks empty the container full of loose waste into the body of the truck before the waste is compated. Front Load trucks can service numerous customers before they are full and subsequently emptied at a disposal site. The service area around the dumpster must be open for a large truck to service without overhead obstructions. Front Load Trucks are used for both waste and recycling.


This service utilizes a smaller truck with a two man crew to load containers or loose material into the back of the truck. Rear Load trucks can maneuver into tight areas and alleys while providing waste service. This is a good choice where containers must be pushed by hand to service. This is a more expensive solution due to the manpower required to load and the time consumed to service. Loads are compacted and consolidated prior to dumping. Rear load service is used for both waste and recycling.


10, 20, 30 and 40 yard open top containers are typical used for Roll Off services. Containers can be customized for specific customer applications including compactors. Roll Off service is a single customer load delivered to the post collection site. Each customer is billed for their own haul and disposal. This service is used for both waste and recycling.


Compaction of waste reduces the cost of collection by reducing the frequency of pickups. There are numerous types of compactors available that can be customized for your specific needs. ESI will complete a site survey and recommend the proper type of compactor needed for your locations and waste demands. Compactors can be used with Front Load, Rear Load or Roll Off services. Compactors are used for both waste and recycling.