Used Batteries: You Can’t Always Put them in Your Dumpster Rental in VA

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July 7, 2017

If you’re like most people, you understand basic recycling concepts. You know that you can recycle glass, paper, and plastic, and you probably check empty containers for the recycle logo before tossing an item into the regular trash. But did you know that you should be recycling batteries and not throwing them in the garbage or your dumpster rental in VA? Discover why you should be recycling batteries, what kinds of batteries you can recycle and how to recycle them.

Why You Need to Recycle Your Batteries

Batteries that are thrown into your regular trash or even some dumpsters end up in landfills or incinerated. Both disposal options cause toxic chemicals inside the battery to leak, which negatively impacts the environment. When batteries are incinerated, the fumes cause the toxins to leak into the air, and when batteries end up in a landfill, they eventually begin to corrode, which causes toxic chemicals to leak into the surrounding soil and nearby sources of water.

If you have a dumpster rental in VA for spring cleaning or construction purposes, tossing batteries of various types in can actually put people at risk. The heat and other facts inside the dumpsters could cause the batteries to explode or catch fire.

What Type of Batteries Can Be Recycled?

With a wide variety of batteries available, determining whether a battery needs to be recycled isn’t always simple. The good news is, the majority of common household batteries are recyclable, including:

  • Single-use, disposable batteries — AA, AAA, C, and D cell lithium, alkaline/zinc, and carbon/zinc batteries
  • Laptop batteries, including Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) and lithium-ion batteries.
  • Rechargeable nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries
  • Hearing aid and watch batteries
  • Cell phone chargers and batteries
  • Car batteries

How Battery Recycling Works

You can dispose of any battery type by taking your batteries to a waste and recycling company or a local battery store. If they are taken to a battery store, the store sends the batteries to the proper disposal facility. Sometimes, electronics, hardware and home improvement stores also offer battery recycling. Additionally, there are several companies that allow you to mail your batteries to them to be recycled or disposed of properly.

When it comes to recycling batteries, the batteries can be sorted into three different categories — batteries that are 100 percent recyclable, such as lithium-ion laptop batteries, batteries that have parts that aren’t recyclable and batteries that aren’t recyclable. Batteries and parts of batteries that aren’t recyclable are disposed of in a way that won’t impact the environment, so even if you have batteries at home that aren’t considered recyclable, you should still take them to a recycling facility.

Recycling your used batteries helps protect the environment for future generations. So the next time you decide to throw out used batteries, think twice. You should be recycling them instead. Talk to your EnviroSolutions representative to find out about our recycling streams and what you can and can’t put in a dumpster rental in VA.