Sharing a Dumpster Rental in VA With Neighbors

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October 20, 2017

How Should You Approach a Joint Dumpster Rental in VA?

If you own a home or a business in Northern Virginia, at some point you’ve probably needed more trash disposal capacity than normal curbside service can provide. Whether you were remodeling, cleaning out your garage or trying to manage a lot of yard waste and tree trimmings, you may have found yourself wishing you had a good dumpster rental in the Virginia area to haul it all off. For some jobs, however, renting a full-size dumpster just doesn’t make sense.

If your pile of waste is too big for the curb but too small for even a 10-yard container to be economically feasible, you’re left with the risk of incurring the neighborhood association’s wrath by stacking the waste in front of your place and hoping it all gets taken by the second week’s collection. There is an alternative, however: You and your neighbors can rent a dumpster together, split the cost and clear out all your waste in one go.

Homeowners Splitting the Cost of Dumpster Rental in VA

If you have a few old appliances cluttering up your garage, or if there have been rolls of old flooring material leaning against the wall of your cellar for years, you need a dumpster to safely haul it all away. Many of your neighbors are probably in the same fix, and some of them may have been sitting on their clutter even longer than you have. By coordinating with your entire block, you can get an idea of what size container you all need, set a date for delivery and get everyone’s garage or spare room cleaned out at once. The dumpster can be picked up and hauled away the next day, with each of you left in a newly cleaned-out house and bearing only a fraction of the cost of even the smallest dumpster rental in VA.

Businesses Working Together

Residential customers aren’t the only people who can benefit from cost-sharing their waste disposal. Local businesses often work together to address issues that affect them all, and trash hauling is no exception. If your business is located in a strip mall, industrial park or diverse office complex, you’re uniquely well-positioned to team up and arrange a clean-out of your storage areas, shop floors, warehouses and other cluttered spaces.

Many people and businesses are sitting on top of a pile of garbage that’s too big for a single trip to the dump but not really big enough to make renting a dumpster alone worthwhile. By teaming up with your neighbors and nearby businesses, you can split the cost of a dumpster rental in Virginia, make new friends and finally get back that floor space where the old dishwasher has been sitting for years.