Construction is a vital part of our national infrastructure, but you need a safe way to remove waste. EnviroSolutions provides a range of recycling programs for construction waste so your business can get on with what’s important: building and demolishing. We recycle wood, metal, cardboard and concrete to keep waste out of the landfill.

Green Building

Our construction waste recycling programs help you be LEED-compliant and keep your construction company up to date with Green Building guidelines when it comes to waste. Our reporting specialists fill in the necessary documents each month and format them, taking that load off your mind. We ensure you meet your construction and demolition recycling requirements with ease.

We manage recycling by separating recoverable waste products. Anything that cannot be recovered is sent to the landfill, and recoverable materials are further handled to remove metals, process concrete to turn it into aggregate or other products, and turn lumber into chips or other recoverable products. Our recycling construction waste programs minimize waste as much as possible to provide a comprehensive waste management program.

Handle a Range of Materials

Our recycling sites handle a huge range of materials from construction and demolition programs. Naturally, we can cope with concrete, shingles, wood and masonry, but our recycling sites can also handle carpet, paint, tile, rock and plastic, as well as many more items. Give us a call today at 877-695-5949 to discuss your waste management needs and to discuss the sizes of construction dumpster your sites require.