Government (Public Sector)

At EnviroSolutions, we believe in helping our public sector partners lead the charge toward making decisions that improve efficiency and the bottom line. Working together we will develop innovative, comprehensive waste and recycling programs that maximize resource value and minimize impact while seeking ways to help you save. Our services and facilities uphold the highest environmental standards, from regulation-abiding disposal practices to enabling the highest levels of LEED certification.

  • Pickup : Customized waste collection programs
  • Recycling : Composting, recycling and other services
  • Waste Audits & Reports : Understand what goes in and out of your facilities and simplify your reporting requirements at the same time
  • Dumpsters : A number of options to fit all different needs.

Call Customer Care at 877-695-5949 to get set up. Our team will help to determine the best solution for your needs and get the service started in a timely manner.

EnviroSolutions realizes that your needs may change and thus we make it easy for you to modify services to reflect your dynamic needs. If you would like to add new services or remove existing services, please contact Customer Care at 877-695-5949.

Please call Customer Care at 877-695-5949 to schedule an extra pickup.

Call or email Customer Care at 877-695-5949, and we’ll connect you with the appropriate sales representative or account manager in your region to discuss LEED in general, your LEED service requirements and also your LEED reporting needs.

For assistance understanding your bill, please contact Customer Care at 877-695-5949.