Managing Yard Waste Is Easy With a Dumpster Rental in VA

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April 6, 2018

Springtime rains have kicked off a season of growth in yards and gardens across the state. When it’s time to trim away the excess, a convenient dumpster rental in VA can save you time and effort when disposing of green waste.

What Is Green Waste?

Green waste is a colloquial term that refers to any part of the big pile of lawn debris you’re left with after you mow the lawn, clip the bushes, trim the trees or clear away the loose brush cluttering up your yard. Most Virginia homes have decent-sized yards, and some have large tracts with lawns and gardens. When the landscaping on these patches gets too thick, or when it’s time to trim the growth and plant something new in the garden, it can be a challenge to dispose of all that bulk.

Options for Handling Yard Waste

The problem with getting rid of yard waste is twofold: It’s bulky, and it’s heavy. Another issue presents itself in the nature of yard waste; grass, leaves and other plant matter tends to decay fairly quickly, which can be an issue for some landfills. Your neighborhood trash pickup probably takes care of the occasional bag of yard waste, especially if your area has dedicated green waste containers. Beyond the 30-gallon mark, however, you might have a hard time dealing with what you’ve clipped.

Your first option for handling yard waste is to compost it. This is theoretically good for the environment, if you have the time and the energy to aerate the heap and add some sawdust to it from time to time. Otherwise, it might decay into a slimy mess. Your second option is to pile up the waste in your truck and make your way over to the landfill yourself, assuming you can find a place that takes purely organic waste. That’s dicey, though, since lawn clippings rot and release heat and methane in a landfill, as well as collapsing if the detritus isn’t evenly spread around in the pile.

Getting Rid of Waste With a Dumpster Rental in VA

Your third option, and in many ways the easiest and most convenient, is to arrange a dumpster rental in VA. This can be a winning option if you have more than about 5 or 6 cubic yards of waste to dispose of. It can also be a good idea if you don’t have the time or the ability to successfully compost your clippings, or if you don’t have a truck that can haul everything you have to clear in a single trip, since visits to a landfill cost money.

When you call ESI Waste to set up your dumpster delivery, we take your information and consult with you about all the details. Our team of trained staff can help you decide what size dumpster is right for you, as well as the time and place for the drop-off. When your 10- to 40-yard dumpster is full, just give us a call and a truck can swing by to pick up your waste. ESI Waste always tries to dispose of the trash we haul in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Please call for either a free consultation or to book your dumpster rental in VA today.