Keeping a Dumpster Rental in VA at the Site of Your Business Is a Smart Move

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January 26, 2018

If you own or lease a commercial property, you know that trash seems to magically materialize on the grounds. It can be time-consuming and/or expensive to get this litter cleaned up, but it’s nothing compared to the stream of waste the businesses on your property probably generate. Whether you have an office or a retail store, a rental property or a workshop, you’re bound to have some trash at the end of each day. Booking a permanent dumpster rental in VA can help you manage that waste, and often it’s the economical choice, regardless of the nature of your business.

Offices Need Dumpster Rental in VA

Offices produce a unique stream of waste, and a dumpster rental in Virginia can be one of the most efficient ways to manage it. Of course there’s a lot of paper in a typical office stream. This comes in many forms; printer paper, manila folders, shredded documents and old memos are common in office garbage streams. In addition, it’s a rare office that doesn’t have a broken swivel chair or some electronic waste to get rid of, and the occasional office party generates a pile of pizza boxes, empty 2-liter bottles and various bits of paper flatware.

ESI Waste tackles this stuff in the most environmentally responsible way possible. Our facilities are set up to capture single-stream waste, such as all-paper or all-plastic. This waste may be delivered to one of our state-of-the-art recycling centers, though certain types of paper can be difficult to recycle. Whatever can’t be reprocessed goes into the landfill, there to take up as little space as possible and gradually break down into ecologically safe components.

Retail Outlets Are No Exception

As much waste as offices can generate, retail shops leave them standing. Almost every retail store generates an unbroken stream of cut-up corrugated boxes and large piles of plastic packaging. In addition, old inventory and some regular “household-style” garbage regularly turns up in the bin.

Renting a dumpster you can park behind your store is a smart choice to keep that bulky waste stream under control. Station a compact 10-yard container near the back door of your shop, or sacrifice a little parking space in back for a larger dumpster and take your time filling it up. When it’s full, we can come out and get it, leaving a fresh roll-on/roll-off dumpster in its place.

Shared Properties

Many different types of businesses can occupy space in shared lots and strip malls. If you’re responsible for a property like this, it might be a selling point for renters that you have a large 40-yard container on the grounds for everyone to share.

You have to be careful about this. Food waste from a restaurant, for example, is a problem when it turns up in a dumpster rental in Virginia, as are aerosol cans and wet paint. Even if the eatery and the paint store on your property are restricted from using your rented dumpster, the hair salon and clothes shop can still use it just fine. That frees up their trash containers for those other types of waste and lets you offer their trash cans as extra disposal for the excluded types mentioned above.

Setting up a permanent dumpster rental in VA is affordable and easy with ESI Waste. Give us a call today for a free consultation or to book delivery of a commercial dumpster that can handle a whole business’ worth of waste at once.