How Do I Know What Size Container Will Work?

February 6, 2017

EnviroSolutions offers a wide range of waste containers for meeting a wide range of waste management needs. Here are five of the different kinds of waste containers that we can offer our customers:

Front Load Containers

Front load containers are what come to mind for most people when the term “dumpster” is mentioned. Like their name states, they have a lid that can open and close at the top, meaning that their users can load them up from the front. As a result, they are useful for a wide range of both commercial and residential customers that produce enough waste to warrant their use and have sufficient room to accommodate their presence.

Roll-Off Containers

In contrast, roll-off containers are open-top dumpsters that are perfect for large volumes of non-compactable waste, which is why they see so much use at construction sites. With that said, their size means that they cannot fit into smaller confines, meaning that they are best-suited for customers with wide open spaces as well as clear paths to the road.


Compactors let their users compress certain kinds of waste. By doing so, said individuals can fit more waste into a smaller space than otherwise possible, which is useful for those who have to fit their entire operation into close quarters. Better still, compactors come in a wide range of designs, meaning that they can be integrated into a wide range of operations with surprising ease.


People facing serious size restrictions should choose a portable cart with a closable lid, which can provide them with safe storage for their waste while waiting for their waste disposal company to pick it up. Each example comes with a set of wheels for increased convenience since their users can wheel instead of lugging them into place.

Event Boxes

Event boxes are affordable but well-made cardboard boxes that can be set up at an event before being hauled away once it is over. They are the perfect solution for people who need a temporary solution for enormous amounts of waste, particularly since they can be folded up for ease of storage before being used.

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