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November 3, 2017

A Dumpster Rental in Virginia Saves Time, Effort and Money at Your Construction Site

Construction general contracting can be a dirty job, and even a small job is bound to generate a lot of trash. Some jobs, such as clean-outs and tear-downs of an existing structure, produce even more waste, since building material and other refuse need to be removed from the premises as you go. Renting a dumpster for your Virginia construction site can save you and your team a lot of effort by collecting and disposing of the trash without costly trips to the dump.

Why Should a Construction Contractor Rent a Dumpster?

Every construction site generates some garbage. Roofing jobs produce piles of old shingles or shakes that can’t easily be recycled and have to go out with the trash. Flooring jobs end with rolls of worn-out carpet on the ground, and wholesale renovation typically produces piles of insulation and broken sheetrock.

Many small contractors have a difficult and inefficient way of handling this waste: They have an employee or two leave the site for a few hours and drive the garbage to the dump in a pickup truck, sometimes several times a day when the load is heavy. This wastes productive time, manpower, money spent on dump fees and gas for the truck. By renting a dumpster and parking it next to where the work is going on, you can keep your entire crew on the site and steadily working, as trash can simply be hauled out of the structure and tossed into the receptacle.

How to Arrange a Dumpster Rental in Virginia

The first step to renting a dumpster for your construction site is to decide which size you need. Dumpster sizes are defined by how much space they offer inside, up to the marked fill line etched into the interior walls. As a rule, 10-yard containers offer just under 10 cubic yards of space and work for small, single-room clean-outs. Dumpster rentals in Virginia also come in 20-, 30- and 40-yard sizes, the largest of which has the same volume as a commercial shipping container.

After the dumpster has filled up, or after you’re finished with work on that site and ready to move to another, call the company you’re renting it from and arrange for a no-cost pickup and removal. ESI Solutions has been renting out dumpsters to construction contractors for the better part of a lifetime, and our trained, experienced phone staff is always available to answer calls and take questions from general contractors who are interested in what a dumpster rental in Virginia can do to make their construction business leaner, quicker and, above all, more efficient and profitable.