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October 27, 2017

Whatever it is you’re trying to get done, it’s more than likely it will be exponentially harder to do while you’re moving house. Between getting the boxes, booking the moving van, coordinating the logistics and filling out the change-of-address forms, the last thing you need is another challenge. Disposing of the trash a whole-house move inevitably produces is one more headache, which is why arranging a dumpster rental in VA in advance can save you endless trouble on moving day.

Book in Advance

The weeks leading up to the day you move to a new home steadily become more frenetic and demanding as one last-minute thing after another crops up. Some of these variables, such as scheduling a transfer of services or enrolling the kids in their new school system, just have to be borne as they arise. Others, thankfully, can be taken care of well in advance, leaving your move-out schedule as free as possible.

Renting a dumpster is one of the things you can handle well in advance. By calling ESI Waste a couple of weeks before you’re ready to move out, you can set a date, schedule the drop-off and turn your attention to more pressing matters as the day draws near. You’re probably going to be clearing out old junk as you pack each room, so it’s a good idea to schedule delivery of the dumpster for the day before you start packing and keep it in the driveway throughout the process. This way, you can carry old broken lamps, unused bicycle frames and the rest of the trash that’s been piling up for years as you go, rather than working around it until your dumpster arrives.

Schedule Pickup for the Day After You’re Out

Your focus on moving day is likely to be the packing and the moving, not the garbage, but it’s almost impossible not to have some trash left over after the last box is on the truck. One thing you probably don’t want to do after a day spent hoisting boxes is make a cleaning pass through your now-empty house. That’s why it’s a good idea to schedule your dumpster rental in VA for a little longer than the move itself is expected to take.

By setting the anticipated pickup date for the day after you expect to be fully moved out, you’re building a buffer into the schedule and allowing for unexpected delays in another quarter. You’re also leaving the cleanup and hauling as the last item to take care of, ensuring you’re not left with the last pile of junk in your garage but no dumpster in the driveway to handle it.

Moving is stressful, but there’s no reason to make it any worse with another logistical hurdle during your busiest time. By calling EnviroSolutions well in advance of your move, you can speak with one of our experienced reps and schedule a dumpster rental in Virginia for the time that suits you best, keep the dumpster for as long as you need it and have it hauled away on the day you hand over the keys and move into your new home for good.