Dumpster Rental in VA: Getting Ready for Large Events

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August 4, 2017

You’ve commissioned the caterer and ordered the flowers for your outdoor wedding—but what about the post-nuptial cleanup? Large events come with their own set of unique challenges, and trash disposal options are a very important part of pre-party prep. Thankfully, dumpster rental in VA can help you stay ahead of the game.

Here are three possible event scenarios, complete with potential dumpster options to make your life easier:

A Multi-Day Outdoor Festival

Maybe you own the land on which you plan to hold your festival, or perhaps you’re renting a plot temporarily. Either way, you need a sensible solution to stop garbage contamination before it starts. If your event includes an outdoor camping area, you’ll need extra containers to hold food waste, empty bottles and other items. Bears aren’t commonly encountered in Virginia, but if you do happen to hold your event near a black bear habitat, bear-proof dumpsters can help you avoid unwanted furry encounters.

To ensure festival attendees pick up after themselves, place small trash receptacles within view all over your site. The average person generates between two and three pounds of garbage each day, so if you’re planning a three-day festival, you can expect to deal with about 50 cubic yards of trash overall. Compact 96-gallon containers for regular garbage and recyclable waste help eliminate dropped litter and make your cleanup operation much easier.

Dumpster Rental in VA for a Summer Wedding

Outdoor weddings are very popular right now; they’re often cheaper than indoor weddings and they provide a feeling of light and space. Turning an exterior space into a usable venue requires foresight and a little extra preparation to ensure things stay neat and tidy. If you have a backup tent or another indoor venue in case of inclement weather, you may need to factor that space into your waste-disposal plans, too.

Compact event boxes, which are made of recycled cardboard, are ideal for outdoor weddings. Placed around the periphery of the gathering, they catch empty paper plates, polystyrene cups, wrapping paper and other disposable items. If you’re expecting windy weather, you may want to anchor the event boxes to stop them from falling over before they’re full.

A Weeklong Conference

Most conferences take place inside, but that doesn’t mean your venue automatically comes with trash disposal. Events centers in scenic settings frequently come with a bare-bones service setup, leaving you to sort out garbage and recycling options.

If you’re expecting 500 people for your weeklong event, you can expect to generate about 60 cubic yards of garbage. To make life easier, you could place plastic trash receptacles in the event center, emptying them into a couple of roll-off dumpsters every evening. If your conference is smaller, you might decide to order one or two front-load containers instead.

With the right trash disposal system in place, you can concentrate on other aspects of party planning. To ensure you get the containers you need, line up your dumpster rental in VA early with EnviroSolutions. Contact us by phone or via our website, tell us what you need and we’ll come up with an environmentally sound garbage-removal solution for your event.