Beyond Recycling and Waste—4 Benefits of Composting Alongside a Dumpster Rental in VA

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July 21, 2017

Companies like ESI Waste that provide dumpster rentals in VA are ready and willing to transport any waste or recycling material your home or business accumulates. However, there’s another option many people forget about: composting.

Compost is a natural, rich soil composed of organic matter. It can be used as natural fertilizer for lawns and gardens to enrich the growing environment and help plants grow tall and healthy.

For a composting project to be successful, it must have three main components:

  • Brown: Yard waste, including leaves, branches and sticks.
  • Green: Grass clippings, vegetable waste, food scraps, coffee grounds.
  • Water: Self-explanatory; it can come from rain or a garden hose.

Composting Enriches Plants and Grass

The EPA estimates that yard waste and food scraps make up about 20 to 30 percent of what Americans throw away. Instead of it ending up in a landfill, these items can be naturally composted. Compost helps the ground that plants grow in retain natural moisture, so you won’t have to water your garden as often.

Composting Reduces the Need for Chemical Fertilizers

Chemical fertilizers just feed plants and don’t enrich the ground around them as compost does. In fact, chemicals in commercial fertilizer can upset the natural balance of microbes and other substances in soil, and they can even harm the environment if they’re overused. If fertilizers seep into a water supply, the excess nitrogen present in most fertilizers can promote an overabundance of algae growth in water, which negatively affects fish, since excess algae deplete their oxygen supply. Compost, on the other hand, contains microorganisms and broken-down matter that keep plants healthy naturally.

Composting Is Less Expensive

From a financial standpoint, compost is much less expensive than chemical fertilizers. It costs nearly nothing to keep a suitable compost pile in your backyard, since it’s composed of things from nature or leftover scraps from food you’ve consumed. It’s a much more sustainable way of maintaining your garden and plant health.

Composting Works in Any Type of Soil

Regardless of your soil composition, compost can improve it successfully. It helps sandy soil retain more water that would otherwise flow through, and it helps change the texture of clay soil by improving its ability to crumble, making it easier to dig in. It also helps naturally balance the pH of the soil, which is especially important for successful growth of new grass.

Composting in your backyard is a natural, sustainable way to discard food and yard waste. It’s environmentally friendly and ensures these substances don’t end up in a landfill. Not everything can go on the compost pile, though, and if you’re working on a complete summer cleaning or reno job, a dumpster rental in VA helps you keep other waste out of the way.