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November 24, 2017

In a World Where Anything Can Happen, There Are Things You Can Do to Avoid Damaging Your Dumpster Rental in VA.

When you set up a dumpster rental in VA, you’re probably not expecting anything to go wrong. Most of the time nothing will, but there’s always a chance your dumpster might wind up with dents, cracks or other damage caused by misuse or an accident. This can be a costly problem, and at worst, it might become difficult, if not impossible, to safely collect a badly damaged dumpster. Fortunately, there are a few simple measures you can take to keep your rented dumpster safe until it’s time to haul it away.

Mind Where It’s Put

By far, the most common cause of damage to dumpster rentals in Virginia is low-speed collisions with moving vehicles. Especially in the first few days of the rental, before everybody gets used to the dumpster’s presence and location, it’s all too common for even careful drivers to misjudge a distance and graze or bump the stationary container. Though these are almost always low-speed contacts, dumpsters aren’t designed to withstand the pressure of a truck or car pressing against the outer wall. Dents and cracks from this can potentially damage the unit beyond repair, requiring total replacement.

To help avoid this, whenever possible, your dumpster should be stationed away from the end of driveways and traffic areas. Try to set aside space for your dumpster rental on the dirt on your property, or at least position it where it’s relatively easy to see in a rearview mirror. As a final resort, you can even drop small orange caution cones near the dumpster’s outside edges as a high-visibility warning to passing or backing cars.

Use Your Dumpster Rental in VA for Approved Waste Only

Another common cause of damage is dangerous or unapproved waste being dumped. Never drop caustic or acidic chemicals into a metal dumpster; acid and caustic chemicals (such as lye and drain cleaner) can weaken the walls of the unit and cause collapse. Even the lime in unused cement can become caustic in a light rain, so avoid dropping potentially hazardous construction waste into the container as well.

Don’t Share

While you may be extra careful with your dumpster rental in VA, that’s no guarantee everybody else will exercise the same caution. Remember that if a dumpster you’ve rented by yourself is damaged or destroyed, you are the only person whose name is on the agreement. If you plan to share your dumpster rental in Virginia, that can be a great way to keep your costs down, but be sure to get the other parties’ names on the agreement as well, if only to share the responsibility evenly.

Your dumpster rental will almost certainly go fine; almost all of them do. To ensure things go as well as they can, and that you get the most out of your rental while you have it, call ESI Waste for a free consultation prior to booking, and one of our trained staff members will help you plan for a safe and successful dumpster rental in VA.