Arrange a Dumpster Rental in VA for the Highway You’ve Adopted

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November 17, 2017

The State-Run Adopt-a-Highway Program Encourages Volunteer Groups to Keep a Stretch of Interstate Free From Litter. Book a Dumpster Rental in VA for Your Stretch.

The Adopt-a-Highway program, run by individual state governments, is a great public-private partnership that helps keep public roads free from litter and provides relatively low-cost, high-impact advertising for local businesses and nonprofits. When you adopt a stretch of highway, your organization can opt to either pay cash to the state DOT for upkeep, or you can actually assemble a team of volunteers and take care of it yourself. Teams are provided with reflective vests, safety gear and training on how to safely work on the side of a busy interstate. If you decide to handle the cleanup yourself, perhaps with a group of employees or members of your local community, consider renting a roll-on/roll-off dumpster to handle the waste.

Odds and Ends

If you’ve never cleaned up a highway before, you might be surprised at the kind of garbage that gets left on the side of the road. In addition to normal fast-food litter and small bits of trash, all of which can be taken care of with orange trash bags and a truck, some larger pieces of refuse end up cluttering the stretch you’re responsible for. Car parts, for example, turn up in the emergency lanes of all major roads in America. The variety of this debris can be astounding — broken plastic from crushed headlights can be found here, mingled with shredded tire sections, lost lug nuts, dropped mufflers and sometimes a fender or two. As if that was not enough, open-bed trucks routinely lose whole pieces of cargo on the side of the road, such as bungee cords, mattresses and large appliances knocked out by a sudden bump at speed.

The Usefulness of Having a Dumpster on Site

While smaller bits of trash are easy to handle, the larger items can rarely all be taken off the road in a single trip, even if you’re using a large pickup truck. Dumpster rental in Virginia can be the solution, if you book a small, 10-yard portable refuse container and have it delivered to the site where you plan to work. Once it’s safely parked out of the way of traffic and close enough to your collection point to really streamline disposal, your team of volunteers can drag the big and heavy objects over and toss them in. After the collection effort is done, call for a timely pickup, and the driver can come out and haul it away as quickly as it was delivered. You can then go home, feeling great that you and a group of friends have made a difference by cleaning up messy roadside clutter.

If you’ve adopted a highway, or if it sounds like the sort of thing your business might be interested in, call ESI Waste today for a free quote and no-obligation consultation about your needs. Our trained, experienced customer service staff is on standby to hear from you about a safe, fast and affordable dumpster rental in Virginia’s scenic countryside.