After Your Dumpster Rental in Virginia Is Done, What Happens to All That Trash?

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October 6, 2017

If you’re like most people who use a dumpster rental in Virginia, you’re probably so glad to see the trash get collected that you don’t think about where it’s going after the pickup. That’s understandable, but in many ways the removal from your property is just the beginning of the most interesting part of the process.

Transfer Stations for Sorting Trash

Once your rented dumpster is filled to the safety line and hauled away, the truck delivers the container to one of ESI’s two main transfer stations. One of these is up north, in Baltimore, and the other is farther south, in Curtis Creek. These stations are federally regulated, and each is set up to receive residential trash, construction waste, old vehicles and an assortment of commercial waste products for processing. A lot of the work done here is to break down large items, such as discarded boats or other complex machines, and sort the recyclable trash from the unsalvageable waste.

Recycling Centers for Many Types of Reclaimable Waste

After being sorted, some of the trash we’ve hauled away goes to one of half a dozen recycling centers dotting the area. These centers can split glass, paper and plastic waste into separate channels and start the process of reclaiming the materials for a second use. Glass is glass, but there are so many different varieties of plastic that it takes an expert hand to sort it all properly. Metallic waste can usually be handled as scrap, but paper typically calls for special processing. In all, the large staff at our recycling centers has a big job, but the end product is reusable materials that have a new lease on life and don’t take up space in the local landfills.

The End of the Line: Landfills for What Remains

When there’s nothing left of your trash other than organic waste, chunks of asphalt or concrete and some odds and ends from your household waste, a trip must be made to the dump. ESI operates a network of landfills in the rolling hills of Virginia, where the latest technology is used to seal the bottom and protect the groundwater, crush or otherwise process the trash from your cleanup project and responsibly dump it into large, open pits. This waste is eventually buried, and much of it breaks down over time into materials that can safely return to the environment.

ESI is serious about how we handle your trash. If you’re planning a dumpster rental in Virginia, and you’re curious to learn more about how we handle our waste, give us a call to schedule a free consultation. We can assess your needs and show you the forward-thinking ways we reduce pollution.