5 Simple Reasons Why Recycling Is Practical For Your Business

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June 23, 2017

Every business generates waste, and many companies have dumpster rentals to control and manage it day to day. However, when it comes to recycling, individual businesses have varying approaches. Here are five reasons why recycling is important for your business.

1. Offers Financial Savings

A reduction in waste means decreased operating costs for your business. Whether you choose single-stream recycling or limit it to only paper, cardboard or electronics, your commercial business will save money in the long run. It can result in reduced costs for office supplies as well.

Indirectly, recycling at your business helps to save resources and energy. Recycling paper, for example, that can then be made into new paper prevents new trees from being harvested and, therefore, saves a substantial amount of energy. Implementing recycling programs reduces your bottom-line costs to save you money in the long run.

2. Improves Your Company’s Image

Consumers appreciate knowing they are buying products from a responsible company that invests in reusable, recyclable materials and actively maintains a recycling program. Making this commitment can help improve customer loyalty and encourage repeat business. In adopting a recycling program, you’re showing the public that your business is eco-friendly.

3. Protects the Environment

Many environmental experts believe that recycling reduces air and water pollutants. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that for every ton of paper your business recycles, you’ll save approximately 7,000 gallons of water and 17 trees.

It also decreases the strain on landfills, which are slowly becoming overfilled. This is especially true for products that are not biodegradable, such as electronics.

4. Provides a Proper Disposal Method for Electronics and Metals

If your company manufactures or imports electronics or frequently replaces equipment, such as laptops, hard drives or motherboards, it’s important these materials are properly recycled. This way, they won’t take up landfill space, and the hazardous chemicals that are used to create them won’t leach into the environment, where they can harm water supplies.

5. Reduces Waste Overall

Anytime you’re recycling, you’re reducing the amount of trash your business produces. There are other ways to reduce waste as well, including using email instead of paper memos for communication and printing documents double-sided. When you implement a recycling program, you’re making a commitment to being environmentally responsible.

At EnviroSolutions, we can work with you to devise a customized recycling program that makes sense for your operation procedures, size and types of recyclable materials. We’ll help to identify areas in your company’s operation that could benefit from a recycling plan. We aim to help you meet the EPA standards for a green-compliant business and reduce your overall environmental footprint. Contact us to learn more about our recycling services.