5 Safety Tips for Your Dumpster Rental in VA

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September 1, 2017

A dumpster rental is a great way to add safety and efficiency to your renovation, cleanup job or construction site. Simply ordering a professional dumpster doesn’t get the job done, though; in addition to a dumpster rental in VA, make sure you incorporate these safety tips to reduce risk and costs on your work site or at your home or business.

1. Invest in the right size dumpster.

Dumpsters and related products come in all sizes. You can rent small containers that are about the size of a large municipal garbage can or invest in roll-off dumpsters that come as large as 40 yards. Obviously, getting a dumpster that’s too big for your site can lead to safety concerns: You might have to place the dumpster close to or on the driveway or road, increasing the chance of fender-benders. Too small a container can lead to people trying to cram stuff in or simply stacking debris around the dumpster. An overflowing container can impede pickup as well as lead to injuries.

2. Locate your dumpster in the right place.

Dumpsters should be placed in an easy-to-reach location that isn’t in the way of either foot or vehicle traffic flow. Try to place the dumpster in a spot that doesn’t call for navigation of difficult terrain as workers haul debris from the site to the dumpster. That can lead to increased injuries such as turned ankles.

3. Ensure everyone knows what goes in the dumpster — and what doesn’t.

Placing hazardous equipment or chemicals in a dumpster can cause risks for on-site workers or family members and the dumpster company employees. EnviroSolutions provides a list of items that can’t be placed in dumpsters, so make sure you review that list and communicate the prohibited items to anyone who might use the dumpster. Some of the consequences of placing prohibited items in a dumpster can include dangerous fumes, fire and even explosion.

4. Inspect your dumpster upon delivery.

EnviroSolutions strives to deliver high-quality, safe equipment to every job site, but incidents can happen during transit. When a dumpster is delivered to your property, take a few minutes to walk around it and ensure everything looks in order. You should also ask questions about any lid or locking mechanism while staff are on site.

5. Call for a timely pickup of your dumpster rental in VA.

Finally, call to schedule a pickup of your dumpster rental in VA as soon as the container is full or your job is done. Leaving a dumpster full of debris on-site for an unnecessary length of time can lead to pests making a nest inside and increase the risk of injury.